Wolf Play
A Table|Room|Stage Commission

Wolf Play

March 10 - April 8, 2019
Morrison Stage

A National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere
A Table|Room|Stage Commission

By Hansol Jung
Directed by Dámaso Rodríguez

In a world where people struggle to have children, one American couple decides to ‘un-adopt’ their young Korean son because they have a newborn at home. After an internet chat room search for the right family, the father ‘re-homes’ the boy with a lesbian couple, where one half is desperate for a child and the other half is fighting for her career. As the boy — who thinks he’s a wolf, but is really a puppet – adjusts to his new life, he forms bonds with the unlikeliest of culprits while the rest of the adults squabble about what is ‘best for the child.’

Wolf Play is a messy, funny, and moving theatrical experience that grapples with where family allegiance lies.

Awards for Hansol Jung
Whiting Award

TRSWorldPremiere NNPNRWP

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TRSWorldPremiere NNPNRWP


Morrison Stage

1515 SW Morrison St. Portland 97205


“The production comes off as a feat of theatrical magic. You find yourself moved by the plight of a small, faceless puppet, just like audiences were thousands of years ago.”

TJ Acena, Portland Mercury

“Taking everything together — an exquisite script, excellent performances, and brilliant stagecraft — Wolf Play is one of the finest pieces of theatre I’ve ever seen.”

Krista Garver, Broadway World

“It reverberates with fresh, tough, tender, and timely writing, smart dialog, and even hilarity as it delves the depths of family and societal dysfunction and what is required to make a pack. It is a triumph of modern, issue-based storytelling.”

Judy Nedry

“NNPN Announces Rolling World Premiere of Wolf Play by Hansol Jung”

Broadway World

Wolf Play Tells the Story of a Boy Who Thinks He’s a Wolf and Who Gets ‘Re-Homed’ By His Adoptive Father”

Lauren Yoshiko, Willamette Week



Hansol Jung

Production Team

William Boles
Scenic Designer
Sarah Gahagan
Costume Designer
Kristeen Willis
Lighting Designer
Sharath Patel
Sound Designer
Matt Acheson
Puppet Designer
Tony Fuemmeler
Puppetry Coach
Robert Amico
Puppet Wrangler
Eric Lyness
Properties Master
Jonathan Cole
Fight Choreographer
Damaris Webb
Boxing Advisor
Antonio Ribeiro
Assistant Scenic Designer
Andrew Bray
Assistant Sound Designer
Luan Schooler
Karen M. Hill
Stage Manager
Margot New
Production Assistant
Julet Lindo
Portland Actors Conservatory LORT LAB Student
Alan Cline
Board Op