We view this statement and list as a living document which we will amend and shape as we develop our anti-racist work.

Anti-Racist Statement

Artists Repertory Theatre recognizes that we are a predominately white organization and operate within systemic racism and oppression, and that silence and neutrality are actions of complicity. We recognize the critical role the arts play in our culture and national conversation, and accept our responsibility to make positive change through our work, our practices, and our policies. We commit ourselves to the work of becoming an anti-racism and anti-oppression organization, and will work with urgency to end racial inequities in our industry and our culture.

We invite artists, audiences, and colleagues to hold us accountable.

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Work with Urgency

Anti-racism Investment at ART


  • February 2021, Investment in Facilitator Training for ongoing Courageous Conversations work
  • February 2021, Investment in Facilitator Training for ongoing Courageous Conversations work
  • Summer 2020, Establishment of new program called DNA: Oxygen at ART, an affinity and working group centering the work of BIPOC Artists and creating professional development, training, and mentorship programs within ART by and for BIPOC artists
  • Summer 2020, We See You White American Theatre/BIPOC Demands review
  • April 2020-current, Culture surveys and focus groups with Future Work Design (staff, Resident Artists)
  • April 2020-current, HR policy review and employee handbook rewrite with Future Work Design
  • December 2019, Courageous Conversations Training, (staff, board, resident artists, guest artists)
  • Summer 2019 LORT EDI Committee co-chair, Onboarding the Board (Marketing Director)
  • Summer 2019, LORT EDI Committee member (Marketing Director)
  • Fall 2018, Online course about access and disability with NW ADA Center (staff, FOH staff, Resident Artists)
  • Winter 2018, EDI Training with Richard Woo & Doug Stamm (board)
  • Summer 2017, EDI workshop with Red Door Project/Kevin Jones & Kisha Jarrett (Staff, Board, Resident Artists)
  • Spring/Summer 2017, EDI executive coaching with consultant Kevin Jones/Red Door Project
  • July 2017, Anti-Racism Workshop with YWCA including the Racist History of Oregon (staff, resident artists)
  • June 2017, NDN101 with Larissa FastHorse (Sicangu Lakota Nation) of Indigenous Direction (staff, board, resident artists)
  • Fall 2016, Defining DEI Workshop with Taylor Group (Staff & Resident Artists)
  • 2013, Portland Equity in the Arts Consortium with RACC
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