NW Premiere


October 27 - November 23, 2015
Morrison Stage

By John Biguenet
Directed by Gemma Whelan
Starring Vana O’Brien

A fairytale-twisted yarn of delightful humor and spine-tingling suspense conjures a spooky seasonal experience unlike any other. With Vana O’Brien in a tour-de-force solo performance, an Appalachian witch tells a heartfelt and poetic tale of her long life from first love, to heartache, to the hair-raising vengeance she wreaks upon those who’ve crossed her.

Morrison Stage

1515 SW Morrison St. Portland 97205


“O’Brien has great fun with this poison-apple granny of a role…”

Bob Hicks, Oregon Artswatch

“Biguenet’s play is lyrical, lush, and full of moments of sly humor and real pathos.”

Deborah Kennedy, The Oregonian

“A Wry, Witchin’ Good Time…”

Dennis Sparks, Dennis Sparks Reviews

“…wronged terribly over the years, and she does keep score. She holds court in a wonderfully cluttered, brambly set (nice job Kristeen Willis Crosser and crew) somewhere in the swampy deep south.”

Judy Nedry, Judy Nedry Reviews


Sarah Lucht
Understudy to Vana O'Brien


John Biguenet
Gemma Whelan

Production Team

Kristeen Willis
Set Designer
Carl Faber
Lighting Designer
Gregory Pulver
Costume Designer
Rodolfo Ortega
Composer / Sound Designer
Carol Ann Wohlmut
Stage Manager
Jessica Evans Irvine
Production Assistant
Jason Coffey
Board Op
Amy Katrina Bryan
Properties Master