The Skin of Our Teeth
Pulitzer Prize Winning Play

The Skin of Our Teeth

May 17 - June 20, 2016
Alder Stage

By Thornton Wilder
Directed by Dámaso Rodríguez

This comedic masterpiece spans the entirety of history, with one ordinary American family who lives through it all. Dad’s just invented the wheel, Cain is throwing rocks at the neighbor kid, mammoths and dinosaurs lounge in the family room and mom frets about how to get all those animals on the boat two by two.

Through Ice Ages, biblical floods and political conventions, the Antrobus family of Excelsior, New Jersey perseveres. With a giant cast and time-set across the ages, this theatrical allegory captures the human spirit – of brilliance, idiocy and ultimately sweet survival.

Alder Stage

1515 SW Morrison St, Portland, OR 97205


“Hilarious, imaginative, creative, satirical and exciting … Fearlessly rendered by Artists Repertory Theatre, this laugh-a-second, multi-millennia mindbender shouldn’t be missed…”

Lee Williams, The Oregonian

“(Director Dàmaso) Rodríguez keeps the pace swift and rhythmic even when the stage gets jam-packed, and the show looks as smart and playful as a ten-gallon hat on a two-gallon head can look.” 

“…Wilkerson’s expansive scenic design … brilliantly defies the odds: if the stage were blown out any further, it’s be slopping over onto Burnside Street.”

Bob Hicks, Oregon Artswatch

“It is wild, disconcerting, imaginative, thought-provoking, heart-breaking, breaks all the rules of conventional theatre and, most importantly, it works!”

Dennis Sparks, Dennis Sparks Reviews


Don Alder
Mr. Antrobus
Linda Alper
Mrs. Antrobus
Val Landrum
Shawn Lee
Sarah Lucht
Stage Manager / Conveener / Various Animals
Michael Mendelson
Moses / Conveener / Bingo Caller / Various Animals
Vana O’Brien
Announcer / Doctor / Broadcast Official / Various Animals
Chris Harder
Homer / Conveener / Various Animals
Lauren Modica
Fortune Teller / Ensemble
Sky Jude
Dinosaur / Various Animals
Eva Rodríguez
Woolly Mammoth / Other Various Animals


Production Team

Megan Wilkerson
Scenic & Projection Designer
Kristeen Willis
Lighting Designer
Gregory Pulver
Costume Designer
Rodolfo Ortega
Composer / Sound Designer
Luan Schooler
Jonathan Cole
Fight Choreographer
Esther McFaden
Production Assistant
Joshua Rippy
Assistant Director
Jane Holmes
Wig Design
Josie Benedetti
Assistant Costume Designer
Emily Wilken
Props Master
Sundance WIlson Henry
Lead Wardrobe
Grace Owens
Deck Crew / Youth Supervisor
Charlie Capps
Deck Crew
Duncan Lynch
Board Op
Alan Cline
Board Op