2024/25 Season

Announcing the 2024/25 Season!

“Homegrown and Portland-Made.” 

Experience Artists Repertory Theatre’s Portland-Made season of homegrown plays, featuring the whimsical mystery of The Event!, the heartfelt exploration of communication in Sapience, and the enchanting self-discovery journey in The Storyteller. Each play, premiering in the 2024/25 season, showcases what has made ART special for over 40 years, promising an unforgettable theatrical adventure filled with laughter, warmth, and imagination.

Ticket Packages are now available for purchase. 

Ticket packages allow you to pick your show dates in advance for all performances and you will get priority seating. New this year, both STANDARD and PREVIEW package buyers will be invited to Saturday rehearsals of The Event!.

PREVIEW PACKAGE  $105 ($35 per ticket)
Perks include: FREE garage parking (for preview shows only), access to dates and seating (for previews only),

free exchanges, additional preview tickets are $25*

STANDARD PACKAGE $165 ($55 per ticket)

Perks include: FREE garage parking, access to priority dates and seating, free exchanges, additional regular tickets are $45*
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*Single tickets go on sale August 1st

2024/25 Season

October 13 – November 10, 2024

Welcome to Cabbotville! Step right into this quaint Oregon town grappling with hard times since the logging mill closed. Enter Rudy, a queer kid whose disappearance leaves the whole town flummoxed. Did he run away? Perhaps he rode off on a magical ostrich? Or, could his disappearance be linked to something a little more out of this world–like a close encounter of the Third Kind? The Event! is a delightfully playful experience (maybe with a slight naughty twinkle) filled with surprising twists and turns. If you need a play that will be a sanctuary of laughter and optimism, this is the show for you!
*World Premiere


February 23 – March 23, 2025

Elsa is a primatologist studying the language abilities of orangutans like Wookie, who she’s training to speak. More comfortable with her subjects than she is with most humans, Elsa’s world gets uncomfortably messy when her cousin’s child AJ, who is neurodiverse and often nonspeaking, starts an unlikely friendship with Wookie. Warm at heart, Sapience is an imaginative, theatrical exploration of different kinds of intelligence and the universal desire to be understood.
*T|R|S Commission and Premiere

April 22 – May 18, 2025

Experience the enchanting journey of The Storyteller, a captivating story that dives into the depths of imagination and the allure of storytelling. Seventeen year old Randi has lived her entire life secluded and off the grid with her dad on an old rotting houseboat, and like a typical teen, she’s sick of it. She’s ready to know her story and embarks on a journey of self discovery and freedom. Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, this spellbinding play unravels the magic and power of the tales we weave. Come immerse yourself in a world where reality and fantasy intertwine. Winner of the Oregon Book Award for drama, the International Thomas Wolfe Playwriting Competition, and a finalist for the O’Neill Center’s National Playwrights Conference.
*World Premiere