Feathers and Teeth
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Feathers and Teeth

March 7 - April 3, 2017
Morrison Stage

By Charise Castro Smith
Directed by Dámaso Rodríguez

This fairytale concoction of teen angst and devastating loss make for a grisly good time in this crackling new “thrilledy” — a stew of dark comedy, family drama and fantastical carnage.

It’s 1978 and 13-year-old Chris is reeling from her mom’s illness and recent death. Throw in dad’s new girlfriend (mom’s ex-nurse!), a few freaky little creatures and the boy next door, and things really get out of hand.

Part monster tale and part revenge tragedy, the highly theatrical FEATHERS AND TEETH delivers a meaty exploration of grief and obsession.

  • Dark Comedy
  • 2015 Kilroy List

Fresh Eyes

Get a new perspective on the making of FEATHERS AND TEETH from two community members, Elizabeth Tavares and Anthony Hudson, with their ongoing observations through the rehearsal process of this play. They will come into the process of creating this production for our stage several times and blog about their experiences. This is a program of Table|Room|Stage.


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Unearth how they created the gruesome sounds of the creature in the initial 2015 Chicago production here.

Morrison Stage

1515 SW Morrison St. Portland 97205


“…challenging, bloody dramedy…”

“…moral ambiguity to chew over later like so much burnt pot roast.”

A.L. Adams, Oregon ArtsWatch

“… a full-blown horror story filled with  melodrama, frightening creatures, black comedy, and a plethora of blood.”

Judy Nedry, Judy Nedry Reviews

“Charise Castro Smith’s odd and arresting play…many funny, dark moments that parody the horror genre, with a psychological twist…”

Nancy Churnin, Dallas News

“FEATHERS AND TEETH already is that rare show in our socially earnest collection of nonprofit theaters that will make high school kids and college students feel like they’re on a date rather than still doing their social-studies homework.”

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune



Production Team

Megan Wilkerson
Scenic Designer
Sarah Gahagan
Costume Designer
Kristeen Willis
Lighting Designer
Rodolfo Ortega
Composer / Sound Designer
Andrés Alcalá
Projections Designer
Emily Wilken
Props Master
Jonathan Cole
Fight Choreographer
Luan Schooler
Carol Ann Wohlmut
Stage Manager
Nelda Reyes
Assistant Director / Voice Artist
Trevor Sargent
Assistant Scenic Director
Alex Pletcher
Assistant Costume Designer
Charlie Capps
Production Assistant
Will Bailey
Production Assistant
Alan Cline
Board Operator
Dave Petersen
Sound Engineer



English Spanish