The Humans
2016 Tony Award for Best New Play

The Humans

November 19 - December 18, 2017

By Stephen Karam
Directed by Dámaso Rodríguez

It’s the small dinner party that made big waves on Broadway about a fractured family at its not-so-finest. A bold, bruised, and billowing drama, The Humans layers the fabric of a family’s past as they gather at the youngest daughter and her boyfriend’s New York Chinatown apartment for a holiday meal. As the Blake family poke at old wounds and forcibly stumble through treasured traditions, tensions bubble over, secrets fight their way to the surface, and the world creaks curiously around them.

“There is so much love, dread, tenderness and brutality in The Humans…deeply-felt family tragicomedy thriller…”

– Newsday

2016 Tony Award for Best Play
2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist


“…The Humans powerfully plumbs our daily heartbreaks during one compelling meal with humans that hit very close to home.” 

Lee Williams, The Oregonian

“…it’s the ability to make even the most banal moments so impactful that makes The Humans endlessly fascinating.”

-Mitchell Miller, Willamette Week

“In the comic drama The Humans at Artists Rep, Thanksgiving dinner with the Blakes just might knock the stuffing out of you…”

Bob Hicks, Oregon ArtsWatch

“[The] cast, some of them veterans of the company and past shows, fit into their roles like hand to glove, quite a perfect ensemble.”

Dennis Sparks

“It’s an outstanding play, using a holiday dinner to explore many issues that divide us on a family scale as well as a societal one.”

Krista Garver, Broadway World

“Thanksgiving traditions juxtaposed in tragi-comic and terrifying accuracy with a world they no longer recognize.”

Judy Nedry

 “I suspect you will see someone you know represented by at least one these characters. Their sheer humanity is that striking.”

-Kris Haines, The Crippled Critic

“Stephen Karam’s kind, warm, beautifully observed and deeply moving new play [is] a celebration of working-class familial imperfection and affection and a game-changing work for this gifted young playwright.”

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“[The play succeeds in] finding gorgeous balance between humor and sadness, love and disappointment, hope and dread, solace and hollow desolation.”

David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

“Drawn in subtle but indelible strokes, Mr. Karam’s play might almost qualify as deep-delving reportage, so clearly does it illuminate the current, tremor-ridden landscape of contemporary America.”

Charles Isherwood, The New York Times


Robert Pescovitz
Erik Blake
Luisa Sermol
Deirdre Blake
Val Landrum
Aimee Blake
Quinlan Fitzgerald
Brigid Blake
Vana O’Brien
Fiona "Momo" Blake
John San Nicolas
Richard Saad


Stephen Karam

Production Team

Gregory Pulver
Costume Designer
Megan Wilkerson
Scenic Designer
Kristeen Willis
Lighting Designer
Luan Schooler
Katrina Lind
Props Master
Roy Arauz
Assistant Director
Phil Johnson
Composer/Sound Designer
Carol Ann Wohlmut
Stage Manager
Colin Moore
Scenic Design Intern