In collaboration with The Actors Conservatory, as part of Mercury II

The Vertical City

In Development

During the pandemic-disrupted 2020/2021 theatre season, ART and TAC have shifted focus to theatre works adapted into digital mediums, and will co-produce a new audio drama starring 2nd-Year Conservatory students. This 60-minute audio drama is being written specifically for seven students by acclaimed playwright Diana Burbano, and directed by ART Artistic Director Dámaso Rodríguez. Award-winning sound designer Doug Newell (ART’s Foxfinder) will create a cinematic soundscape and original score for the piece. Titled The Vertical City, the audio drama is a character study set in a future-Portland built to survive the effects of climate change, and imagines how technology might evolve society at the end of the 21st century, both for better and worse. 


Magnolia Brown
Ensemble #6
BreeAna Eisel
Ensemble #5
Dustin Fuentes
Ensemble #2
Bitty Garrett
Ensemble #3
Erica Hatfield
Ensemble #7
Wyatt Hodgson
Ensemble #1
Calista Rodriguez
Ensemble #4


Diana Burbano
Doug Newell
Sound Designer
David Hoerz
Sound Engineer

Production Team

Carol Ann Wohlmut
Line Producer
Em Gustason
Assistant Sound Designer/Engineer
English Spanish