April 9 - May 15, 2022
Portland Center Stage: Ellyn Bye Studio

By Lucy Kirkwood
Directed by Luan Schooler

Retired nuclear physicists, Robin and Hazel, have cobbled together a functional, if challenging life after the nearby nuclear power station they engineered melts down. Homemade yogurt and yoga see them through the days without regular electricity or potable water until Rose, an old friend and former colleague, shows up with a frightening request. The past and future collide in profoundly personal and ethical ways, as they must answer for the responsibility they owe to The Children. A timely and tantalizing look at the cost of climate change and what, if anything, does one generation owe the next.

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Additional Dates to Know:

April 9 – 14: Previews

Saturday, April 23rd: Student Saturday (matinee)

Friday, April 29th: Highlight Night 1 (evening)

Saturday, April 30th: Open Captioning (matinee)

Wednesday, May 4th: Student Matinee

Wednesday, May 4th: ASL Interpreted (evening)

Friday, May 6th: Audio Described (evening)

Sunday, May 8th: Highlight Night 2 (matinee)

Education Resources
Prep for The Children with this book and movie list  from the Multnomah County Library.

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Portland Center Stage: Ellyn Bye Studio

128 NW 11th Ave Portland, OR 97209


“[A] compelling saga, not only because of Lucy Kirkwood’s writing, but because the actors inhabit their dramatic roles flawlessly.”

John Rudoff

“Director Luan Schooler coaxes brilliant performances from three accomplished and experienced actors.”

Judy Nedry

DramaWatch: Michael and Linda, together again

Marty Hughley



Luan Schooler
Kayla Hanson
Associate Director/Movement
Megan Wilkerson
Set Designer
Kristeen Willis
Lighting Designer
Wanda Walden
Costume Designer
Sharath Patel
Sound Designer
Viola Horton
Assistant Costume Designer
Griffin DeWitt Designs LLC
Assistant Lighting Designer
Sam Dinkowitz
Intimacy and Violence Director
Carol Ann Wohlmut
Fight Captain
Mindy Nettifee
Resilience Services
Val Landrum
Dialect Coach

Production Team

Carol Ann Wohlmut
Stage Manager
Stephanie Mulligan
Assistant Stage Manager
Gavin Burgess
Production Coordinator/Master Electrician
Derek Easton
Technical Director
Jamie Tait
Properties Supervisor
Megan Thorpe
Properties Manager



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