Mercury II project

The Hustle

In Development

written by John San Nicolas

What began as a writing exchange with Barbie Wu quickly evolved into a full-length play comprised of a dozen (so far) short plays related to the hustle that is working in the entertainment industry. Written for a cast of entirely BIPOC (for lack of a better term) actors, the script calls for each of these actors to play multiple characters, including actors, directors, stage managers, P.A.s, dates, ghosts, NFL quarterbacks, teenagers, and unemployment operators. A mercifully short 66 pages, the longest play is, like, 9 pages and that is the one about vampire scientists from the future who send a ball of duct tape back in time to get a message to Hollywood action film director Zack Snyder. So, I don’t know, you should probably just sit in your PJs with a hot or cold drink and listen to these incredible actors read it. And, relax. It’s not about you.


Barbie Wu
Charles Grant
Andrea Vernae
Josie Seid
Vin Shambry


Roy Arauz

Production Team

Blanca Forzán
Line Producer