Mercury III project


In Development

written by AnaSofía Villanueva

Sabor is a story of a mixed-race Latina, Clara, in search of her place within the elite culinary world and among her relationships. After the passing of her abuelo, Clara makes drastic life changes: breaking off her engagement, quitting the French Michelin-star restaurant in Manhattan, and starting her own catering business in Queens with start-up money from her father, a successful Nuyorican restaurateur who wishes she would learn Spanish and avoid his patterns of grief and alcoholism. The transition is complicated by the familiarity of her former fiancé and the invigoration of an Instacart delivery person who challenges her ideas of success,  sexuality, and identity. As her relationship with her father comes to a boiling point, the spirit of abuelo gives them a chance to start creating their own language—a language of food.



Diana Burbano

Production Team

Macarena Subiabre
Stage Manager
English Spanish