Mercury III project

Mother of Color

Portland Premiere Nov 4th

Written by Dawn Jones Redstone

Mother of Color is the feature film debut of Mexican American filmmaker Dawn Jones Redstone. In a tumultuous world, a whip-smart community organizer and single mother of two dreams of running for office but constantly has to make hard choices between her kids and her career. When she’s offered the chance to interview for a position that could change everything, she begins receiving mysterious messages from her ancestors. Noelia senses that something bigger is at play as she works through a series of obstacles to get to the interview and follow her dreams.

The film stars Ana del Rocío, a real-life single mom who has worked in the political realm for several years and is the inspiration and an Associate Producer for the film.



Dawn Jones Redstone
Writer & Director
Dan Kitrosser

Production Team

Macarena Subiabre
Line Producer