Dream Team

June 1 - June 3, 2022
The Welcome Dome @ Pioneer Courthouse Square

Film Screening begins at 9pm

by Brian Peccia

Dream Team is an animated video following Brian and his family as they struggle to be heard and seen by the system that they are forced into because Brian has a rare brain disorder. As the people in power attempt to force Brian into a box while “helping” him find viable employment, Brian’s Dream Team gets to work. This is the story of the magic that can happen when those near and far take the time to truly see and hear you.

At PHAME, they believe that art is for everyone. Community is for everyone. Excellence is for everyone. That is why ART is proud to support and partner with PHAME for the upcoming two projects that will premiere at the Mercury Festival 2022.

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The Welcome Dome @ Pioneer Courthouse Square

701 SW Sixth Avenue in Portland, Oregon

Season Sponsors

National Endowment for the Arts