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Better Maybe

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A video project of Obie Award winner Caridad Svich’s short play Better Maybe that will be shared this summer and features the entire company. Originally commissioned by the Play At Home project, the piece is a choral poem and features music, movement, and home-filmed performances; directed by ART Development & Marketing Director, Kisha Jarrett, and ART Producing Director, Shawn Lee.

“I am used to thinking and making art in order to make sense of the world somehow.

And often, too, to make sense of dreams and of notions about the future, and reckoning with the past. Better Maybe is all of these things for me.” – playwright Caridad Svich


Better Maybe is a FREE video. However, your gift today ensures our act of resilience is to create audacious and visceral work that can bridge multiple disciplines of art. So until we are able to breathe together in person, ART will continue to find ways to foster connection and create a Better Maybe way of living.


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Caridad Svich
Shawn Lee
Kisha Jarrett
Jeff George
Sharath Patel
Sound Composter, Designer, Engineer
Sarah Gahagan
Costume Consultant

Production Team

Kristeen Willis
Line Producer