Completed Table|Room|Stage Projects

Table|Room|Stage is here to support new plays as they take form and flight, and we are abundantly proud as they enter the world.

Our completed projects include:

Completed Projects

Wolf Play

by Hansol Jung, 2019

Hansol Jung will be At the Table in 2017/2018 to develop Wolf Play. As Hansol describes the project:

A Korean boy is ushered into a new house by his adopted American father. This new house belongs to an American boxer and her wife. American father un-adopts boy by a single signature on a piece of paper. But just before he leaves the new house, ex-father finds out that the new couple to whom he has “re-homed” his ex-son to, is a lesbian couple. American Ex-father spends the rest of the play trying to get the boy back. In his corner is Ryan, the Boxer’s coach, and Wife’s brother. Ryan has insecurities about being the protector, the alpha male, and he doesn’t like the new Korean boy who is a bit weird.

The boy is actually not a real boy. He is a puppet. The puppeteer is the Emcee of the evening, and spinner of the night’s tale: a lone wolf who slips in and out of the story as is needed.

Yes, the puppeteer is a wolf. At least he believes that he is. Because wolves are a god figure in many Eastern myths, a frequent villain in many Western tales and biologically famous for their adherence to pack mentality. 

Wolf Play is a messy funny disturbing theatrical experience grappling with a wolf, a puppet, and a very prickly problem of “what is a family, and what do we need from them, today? Is it very different from the things humans have needed from families before?”

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Completed Projects

The Thanksgiving Play

by Larissa FastHorse, 2018

The Thanksgiving Play by Larissa FastHorse (Sicangu Lakota) is a satirical comedy about four mismatched artists attempting to devise an ethnically sensitive play for the local schools to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month. In order to be as respectful and accurate as possible, the three white actors defer to the only Native American in the room for guidance – a woman whose outlook on history and cultural respect is wildly different from their own. In this wickedly funny satire, this mismatched foursome must find their way through a hilarious thicket of absurd assumptions, historical perspective and school district policy as the pageant must go on!

The Thanksgiving Play received its world premiere production on April 7, 2018 on the Morrison Stage at Artists Rep.

Larissa also received original development support for The Thanksgiving Play through the Joe Dowling Annaghmakerrig Fellowship from the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis.

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Completed Projects

The Talented Ones

by Yussef El Guindi, 2017

The Talented Ones by Yussef El Guindi was the inaugural commission of Table|Room|Stage. The play had a workshop reading in June, 2016 and will be presented by Artists Repertory Theatre April 25 through May 21, 2017 as part of the 2016/17 season.

The Talented Ones looks at the thwarted dreams of immigrants eager to make it in their adopted country. As converts to the American Dream, how much more challenging and lethal do the notions of success and failure become? Omar is falling down in his attempts to make a success of his life. His wife Cindy, a fellow immigrant, appears to be doing much better, and is becoming increasingly frustrated by Omar’s struggles. His American best friend, Patrick, may be Cindy’s way out. Mixing realism with memory and dance, The Talented Ones dissects with increasing ferocity this couple’s marriage and aspirations.

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