A virtual reading in association with RomeroFest

Walk Into The Sea

March 29 5pm PST - Live Stream

By Elaine Romero

Karl is a molecular biologist who believes that viruses may be responsible for evolutionary leaps. When his son is born with autism, Karl dives deeper into his work and his wife Virginia finds fundamentalism. As Karl and Virginia navigate their fates, an unexpected event pulls them toward an unavoidable collision.

We will host a short interview with Elaine Romero following the reading.

Walk into the Sea goes live at 5 PM PDT and is available to stream until midnight April 1st.

When I watch other theatre artists, and frequently playwrights, watch plays, I see myself in them. The way plays have them in their hold. They don’t let us go. Eventually, my family moved to Portland. I have the privilege of spending big chunks of time here each year. I love this city. I have my favorite haunts and negotiate the whole city from my parents’ house in West Linn. I always tell people I’m from Oregon. Oregon made me a playwright. – Elaine Romero


A month-long celebration of the diverse, thoughtful and impactful works of Elaine Romero, Arizona Theatre Co’s Playwright-in-Residence, with digital performances by theatre companies across the U.S. and in Mexico in March.


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