January 19 - February 13, 2022

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By Lauren Yee
Directed by Zi Alikhan

San Francisco. 1989. Basketball standout Manford Lum is a fast-talking, dominating teenager on the street courts of Chinatown. But when he elbows his way onto a college team traveling to Beijing for a “friendship” game, the outcome isn’t what anyone expects. Lauren Yee uses her father’s basketball heroics and the student-led demonstrations that rocked the world as a springboard for this moving story that keeps the tension rising right up until the final buzzer.

A co-production with Portland Center Stage.


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‘The Great Leap’ examines U.S.-China relations, through hoops

Jason Vondersmith

We started the show laughing, ended in tears, and couldn’t stop talking about it after. If that’s not reason enough to buy tickets, I don’t know what is.

Meg Asby

The Great Leap is a surprisingly emotional story, weaving a history of high-stakes personal drama and international intrigue.

Andrew Jankowski


Tommy Bo
Kenneth Lee
Wen Chang
Sami Ma
Brian Burger
Understudy Saul
Wynee Hu
Understudy Connie
Mac Schonher
Understudy Manford & Wen Chang


Lauren Yee
Zi Alikhan
Sunny Min-Sook Hitt
Chika Shimizu
Scenic Designer
Nicole Wee
Costume Designer
Cha See
Lighting Designer
Fan Zhang
Sound Designer & Original Composition

Production Team

Barbie Wu
Associate Director
Amanda Vander Hyde
Assistant Stage Manager


English Spanish