Mercury III project

The Great God of the Dark Storm Cloud

In Development

The Great God of the Dark Storm Cloud is a project in Mercury III (June 2021)

written by Josie Seid

A contemporary retelling of the Greek tragedy Hecuba is told from an African American perspective, integrating modern themes and concepts, tied together with original music. A principal, haunted by a school shooting, uncovers a series of unthinkable crimes and conspiracies…and is pushed toward taking a shocking act of revenge.


Treasure Lunan
Maya Leveau
Jasmine Cottrell
Sanite Leveau
Bobby Bermea
Elegba/Dr. Esu/Bain Cavanaugh
Ayanna Berkshire
Yemaya/Lulu Delphine
Lo Steele


Production Team

Carol Ann Wohlmut
Stage Manager
English Spanish