Magellanica Audio Drama

June 2, 2022 @ 4pm
The Welcome Dome @ Pioneer Courthouse Square

By E.M. Lewis
Directed by Dámaso Rodríguez
Composition and Sound Design by Rodolfo Ortega

Basic Access: (FREE) provides patrons access to just the audio drama. Now with ASL interpretation.

Basic Access

THE BONUS Episode 1 Sample: Enjoy a tie bit of the 2020 Interview with Playwright, E.M. Lewis and Director, Dámaso Rodríguez during the Mercury Company recording of Magellanica, the audio drama. The full episode and more are available with purchase of the Premium access.


Magellanica Audio DramaMagellanica the Audio Drama is dedicated, in memory, to Dave Petersen, Artists Rep’s sound board op.



A five-part audio drama, adapted from Mellon Playwright-in-Residence and Steinberg Award winning playwright, E.M. Lewis’ epic play Magellanica that Artists Rep premiered in 2018. Immerse yourself in this epic adventure from the comfort of your own home. 

In 1986, scientists and engineers from around the world converge at the South Pole Research Station to figure out, among other things, if there really is a hole in the sky. In the darkest, coldest, most dangerous place on Earth, eight imperfect souls are trapped together. Utterly isolated from the outside world for eight and a half months, this research team must face life or death challenges, their own inner demons and depend upon each other for survival.

With epic scope in the tradition of The Kentucky Cycle or Angels in America, this play takes its inspiration from the true story of the discovery of the hole in the ozone layer at the height of the Cold War. Part historical adventure, love story and mystical foray into the unknown, it’s about a world that can either tear apart or come together for its own survival. It’s a vital story for today and an extraordinary excursion for audiences to the ends of the Earth.

An additional sixth part on the science behind the hole in the ozone layer and climate change will be co-produced with Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) all to be released to ART audiences prior to broader distribution.  The audio drama is directed by Artistic Director Dámaso Rodríguez and features award-winning composition and sound design of Rodolfo Ortega.

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The Welcome Dome @ Pioneer Courthouse Square

701 SW Sixth Avenue in Portland, Oregon


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Vin Shambry
Captain Adam Burrell
John San Nicolas
Freddie de la Rosa
Sara Hennessy
Dr. Morgan Halsted
Michael Mendelson
Dr. Vadik Chapayev
Allen Nause
Dr. Todor Kozlek
Barbie Wu
Dr. May Zhou
Eric Pargac
Dr. Lars Brotten
Joshua J. Weinstein
Dr. William Huffington


E.M. Lewis
Luan Schooler
Producer & Dramaturg
Rodolfo Ortega
Sound Composter, Designer, Engineer
Kristeen Willis
Jamie Lynne Simons
Line Producer
Karl Hanover
Dialect Coach & Voice Over Actor
Julia Zazhigina
Russian Dialect Advisor & Voice Over Actor
Avital Shira
Auxiliary Magellanica Content Producer

Production Team

Dámaso Rodríguez
Artistic Director
Shawn Lee
Producing Director
Luan Schooler
Kristeen Willis
Associate Producer & Production Manager
Vonessa Martin
General Manager & Casting Director
Jamie Lynne Simons
Assistant Production Manager
Karen M. Hill
Assistant Production Manager
Kristen Lyn Mei Kuk Mun
Assistant Production Manager
Avital Shira
Aubrey Saverino



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