Mercury III project

Jacinta’s Magical Traveling Theatre; Chapter I: Dreams on the Bridge

In Development

by Blanca Forzán

Our multicultural story will follow Jacinta’s journey as a young girl starting on the

Mexican border and then visiting the landmarks, culture, and cities of the United States of America. The first city Jacinta will visit is Portland; the city of Roses, bridges, rain, and wonders.

Ultimately, Jacinta, and the traveling case filled with puppet scenery and props will go to the next city/theatre company for their local artists to receive it and adapt the original script- changing landmarks, according to each city that hosts her story. This project will allow artists to collaborate long-distance to preserve the story to become a legend and eventually transform it into myth. Jacinta is more than a little girl, she represents the tourists, dreamers, immigrants seeking experience for a better life in the land of opportunities surrounded by the beauty of each city. 

Jacinta’s traveling case allows the talent to hold a unique script’s skeleton and adapt the storyline based on each new location’s traditions, culture, and laws, making Jacinta an experienced traveler full of experiences and priceless memories.



Blanca Forzán
Diana Burbano
Luan Schooler
Patricia Alvitez
Shawn Lee
Director of Photography/Editor
Sharath Patel
Sound Designer
Kristeen Willis
Lighting Designer

Production Team

Kristeen Willis
Line Producer
English Spanish