The Actors Conservatory Collaboration

The Actors Conservatory is one of only 12 stand-alone acting schools in the nation accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre.

Artists Repertory Theatre and The Actors Conservatory (TAC) are collaborating in an educational relationship to foster professional standards in the Conservatory’s academic curriculum, to serve the greater Portland community by allowing students to work alongside seasoned professionals and to hone their craft at the highest professional level.


Actors Conservatory @ ART

The Actors Conservatory, now in its 35th year, is dedicated to providing rigorous actor training that engages the mind and heart of the artist, while cultivating a spirit of lifelong investment in the arts.


TAC students will have the opportunity to work alongside seasoned theatre professionals and the Residents Artists Company at Artists Repertory Theatre in the following ways:

  • In their second year of training, up to 6 students may be cast in supportive or ensemble roles in Artist Repertory Theatre’s season of plays. This represents an experience in professional auditioning, casting, rehearsal, and performance, while fulfilling one of the Advanced Acting Rehearsal and Performance Requirements in the second-year program.
  • TAC Students may also have the opportunity to fulfill their second-year hours by participating in LORT LAB — an intensive 3-5-week immersion in the professional rehearsal process. Under the guidance of the production’s director, students will engage in research and dramaturgy practices, observe professional standards in all aspects of production, and be mentored by members of the cast, and/or the production and design team.
  • Additional opportunities to fulfill requirements for Technical Practicum and Theatre Management Practicum will be afforded as students — under the supervision of Artists Repertory Theatre’s professional audience services team and stage management team — learn and carry out the myriad functions necessary in the production of professional theatre.
Actors Conservatory @ ART

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The Shared Vision

Collaboration between Artists Repertory Theatre and The Actors Conservatory is compelling and rewarding in multiple dimensions, and represents benefits to both organizations as well as the broader community. Both organizations share a vision for:

  • Producing engaging, challenging, and impactful theatre experiences – for artists and audiences alike.
  • Investing in the growth and education of artists by providing opportunities for training, mentoring, and teaching.
  • Fostering an environment in which students, artists, and all theatre professionals thrive — personally and creatively.
  • Providing opportunities for students, artists, and audiences to cultivate cross-generational and cross-cultural relationships.
  • Advancing equity, inclusion, and diversity in the industry.
  • Expanding teaching opportunities and increased financial stability for theatre professionals.
  • Mutually supporting the cultivation and growth of subscriber-based patronage.
  • Maximizing and sharing resources for marketing, development, and facility resources.
  • Producing shows which distinguish and elevate both organizations, and the community they serve.

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