Mercury II project


In Development

Trubador was a project in Mercury II (November 2020)

written by Val Landrum

What happens when Trauma grows arms and legs and invites you to toe up with it on the dance floor?

TRUBADOR tells the story of a young woman in the Spring of 1998 who leaves her home state of Texas to meet her estranged father in New York City. After a successful two months, an emotional event urges her to return to her southern roots, but not before she’s taken hostage by her fears and the fears of others. What happens when Trauma calls you up and tells you that it has tickets to go see the best Boy Band ever ? What happens when you and Trauma decide to hit that seedy strip club at 1am and then find an underground rave where you do X and share an 8 ball together in the bathroom? Or you open your door and Trauma is there with four dozen roses, serenading you on a tiny Grand with the most beautiful piano sonata you’ve ever heard and then sweeps you off to the Masquerade ball at the grand palace? Who could say no.


Maya Caulfield
Josie Seid
Lu, Judy
Phil Johnson
Reuben, Huggy Bear, Midshipman
Shawn Lee
Tim, Therapist (Karl)
Joshua J. Weinstein
Ray, Others
Kayla Kelly
Oogy Bear, Others


Val Landrum
Adriana Baer

Production Team

Carol Ann Wohlmut
Line Producer
English Spanish