Mercury III project

Nightingale 7

In Development

Written by Andrew Dahl, Erica Mann, Eric Pargac and Aubrey Saverino

Nightingale 7 is a scripted narrative podcast that pulls you into the role of the protagonist, as characters guide you on an urgent search for a cure to a biological weapon that has robbed you of your ability to communicate.

In a brazen attack in New York City’s Madison Square Park, you are injected with a corrupted form of the drug Ceridex, which instantly destroys your ability to communicate. You are rescued by pharmaceutical scientist Aditi Choudhuri, the creator of the original version of Ceridex, which was intended to treat dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. As Aditi races against the clock to find a cure for your condition, you find yourselves in the midst of a political conspiracy involving the pharmaceutical industry, radical political factions, and the President of the United States.

Trapped in your own body and unable to speak, you are drawn into the role of the central character as you elude sinister agents on the FDR freeway, escape multiple kidnappings, wake up drugged on the doorstep of your opportunistic D-level internet-star ex-boyfriend, take refuge with Aditi’s boisterous Bengali family, and ultimately come face to face with proof that you’re not the first to be silenced in this fight.


Andrés Alcalá
Reena Dutt
Val Landrum
Tamera Lyn


Eric Pargac
Aubrey Saverino
Shawn Lee
Creative Producer
Reena Dutt
Creative Consultant
Kisha Jarrett
Rodolfo Ortega
Sound Designer/Composer

Production Team

Carol Ann Wohlmut
Stage Manager
Rodolfo Ortega
Sound Engineer
English Spanish