Looking for Tiger Lily

Date: TBD
Portland Center Stage: Ellyn Bye Studio

A Table|Room|Stage World Premiere Commission

by Anthony Hudson
directed by Michael Mendelson

Carla Rossi – Portland’s premier drag clown – has taken over Anthony’s life and Anthony would like it back now. Anthony’s identity is a confused tangle of Native American/white/queer, and Anthony grew up looking to the Indian princess Tiger Lily from Peter Pan for cultural guidance. Looking for Tiger Lily is a kaleidoscopic, funhouse trip, following Anthony’s quest to find validation as a real Native artist – where the artist and the muse can coexist.

Awards for Anthony Hudson

2019 Individual Artist Fellowship in Performing Arts from Oregon Arts commission
2018 Creative Heights Award from Oregon Community Foundation
2018 Native Arts & Culture Foundation National Artist Fellow in Artistic Innovation
2018 Inaugural cohort of the Western Arts Alliance’s Native Launchpad program
2016 Regional Arts & Culture Council Grant

Portland Center Stage: Ellyn Bye Studio

128 NW 11th Ave Portland, OR 97209


Show Sponsors

National Endowment for the Arts
The Oregon Community Foundation
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