Mercury III project (June 2021)

Fight Call

In Development

written by Sarah B. Mantell

Fight Call is a love story told through the fight calls for every one of Shakespeare’s female death scenes. This project, written by Sarah Mantell, and directed by Avital Shira, exposes the toll this Shakespearean trope takes both on the actors who reenact it, over and over, and on the audiences for which this violence becomes normalized. Over the course of the play, we follow the relationships between collaborators who spend their lives recreating the work of a man they will never meet.

Working closely with fight consultant Kristen Mun, we will sharpen our lens on cycles of violence embedded in theatremaking, onstage and off.



Sarah Mantell
Avital Shira
Kristen Mun
Fight Choreographer
Matt Sepeda
Fight Choreographer Shadow
Luan Schooler

Production Team

Kristen Mun
Stage Manager
English Spanish