Ghost Net Landscape: Across Oceans by Emily Jung Miller

Date: TBD

Ghost Net Landscape: Across Oceans by Emily Jung Miller

Now on display at Portland Center Stage in the Ellyn Bye Studio, now through May 15th.

Ghost Net Landscape is an ongoing series of traveling, interactive installations transforming reclaimed fishing gear into art. The exhibit includes “ghost net” lost at sea as well as responsibly retired material from commercial fisheries. 

Ghost Net Landscape is a sanctuary and a prayer, not located outside the issue as a place to escape, but rather completely created from it. This is the exhibit’s jumping-off point for imagining radical hope, creating positive transformation and engaging collaborative creativity. Ghost Net Landscape uses the materials themselves to ask what each of us will create, how each of us will grow in a shared and joyful collaboration towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

Since 2019, over 300 participants have created artwork with 4000+ pounds of reclaimed fishing gear. Ghost Net Landscape evolves with each presentation, transforming to fit the needs of the space, time, and community where it is exhibited. No two exhibits are the same. Learn more at 

Ghost Net Landscape invites you to collaborate, contemplate, and play in this space.

You are welcomed to pick up the artwork and materials, climb into the net, take silly photos, dream, cry, rest, and invent your own creations using these materials, for display in the exhibition.

On May 16, you are invited to return, and bring home any raw materials of your choosing.

Ghost Net Landscape: Across Oceans by Emily Jung Miller

About the Artist Ghost Net Landscape is facilitated by Forest Grove artist, Emily Jung Miller. Miller has worked with natural and reclaimed materials for over 20 years, alongside the more traditional mediums of watercolor and ceramics. In 2015, she started stitching baskets from ghost net in Deer Isle, Maine, using her grandmother’s sewing machine. Learn more about Emily at and on Instagram @ejmillerfineart.