E-News: Access the ART 20/21 season by becoming a SUBSCRIBER MEMBER

by | May 29, 2020 | News

What does your season hold? View the 2020/21 Season Brochure to find out.

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For the 2020/21 Season we will have only one type of package that consists of FLEX PASSES. Purchase at least five (5) flex passes at one time*, and you are automatically a SUBSCRIBER MEMBER.

What does a flex pass get you?

  • One seat to an in person live performance
  • Remote access to a recorded performance
  • Access to all readings to our rolling festival of play, Viva la Resilience!
  • Use Flex Passes to take classes or workshops

Other benefits

  • Be the first to hear about and book live performances and classes
  • Plus more surprises throughout the season

*Single tickets (or fewer than 5 flex passes) for productions can be purchased at a later date. SUBSCRIBER MEMBERS can add on flex passes at any time.

By becoming a SUBSCRIBER MEMBER, you are ensuring that Artists Rep makes it to the 2021/22 season. You are ensuring that Artists Rep continues to produce new work. You are ensuring that Artists Rep keeps pushing boundaries and remains a leader in the artistic landscape in Portland.



E-News: Access the ART 20/21 season by becoming a SUBSCRIBER MEMBER



June 11th, 8:30pm ★ June 13th 8:30pm  ★ June 14th 2:00pm 

All ticket donations go to support live performance venues, such as Artist Rep, effected by the COVID-19 crisis. 

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Matt took a job as a forester in the rainy and iconic logging town of Aberdeen, Washington. His new home – a remote and run-down cabin in the woods- was supposed to be the perfect place to reflect and write songs about a recent breakup and the devastating loss of his mother. But things have a way of taking unexpected turns in Aberdeen and it would take almost a decade for those songs, and the stories behind them, to be heard. The story recalls Matt’s attempt to restart his life, record an album, and his entanglements with an eccentric local couple living near his isolated cabin in the woods. Casey, the family’s young mother, is a logger and the family’s primary breadwinner. Andy Flood (or “Flood” as he prefers to be called), is obsessed with proving his worthiness despite his fragile disposition and increasing paranoia about mysterious events occurring in Aberdeen. Flood slowly lets Matt into his strange universe, a fascinating journey that takes a terrifying turn after Flood reveals that he may have opened a portal to another universe in his tool shed. The 75-minute plot unfolds via spoken storytelling and song performance by Matt Sheehy (Lost Lander, EL VY) directed for the stage by Pat Moran. The livestream will be directed by Julian Acosta (What Bitch) with animated projections by Stefan Nadelman (Tiger King, Montague of Heck, Zen Diaries of Gary Shandling) that provide exposition and evoke a sense of place.