Seat Maps

As one audience member put it, our theatre seats are so close to the action of the play that you can “practically feel the air move as (the actors) come by.” Both theatre spaces feature plush, comfortable seats that are never more than six rows from the stage. Our intimate theatre spaces are a critical piece of the way we bring you theatre – delivering the joy, sorrow, passion, and love to within arm’s reach. Whether you feel the air move as the actors come by, see the fire in their eyes, or feel your own breath stop in the height of a scene – you will experience the nuance of each carefully crafted moment and fully live in the world of the play.

Alder Stage

The Alder Stage entrance is located at 1516 SW Alder St.

 Alder stage New

Morrison Stage

The Morrison Stage entrance is located at 1515 SW Morrison St.

Morrison stage 2019


Northwest Children's Theatre

Northwest Children's Theatre is Located at 1819 NW Everett St.

NWCT Seatmap