A home for new plays

In Table|Room|Stage our mission is to create an effective, welcoming environment where playwrights can write their most urgent, tender, and shimmering worlds into existence.

We are interested in work that:

  • Stands at an angle to the world and shows us something anew
  • Explores the edges, depths and heights of human experience
  • Uses language with originality and vibrancy
  • Embodies a muscular narrative structure and rigorous intelligence
  • Offers a distinctly theatrical experience and embraces 'liveness' as an essential quality
  • Risks failure rather than repeats formula
  • Has an opinion and seeks to change the conversation
  • Galvanizes collaboration with our audiences and stimulates conversation and engagement
  • Re-imagines how theatre is made and shared

What’s happening in T|R|S:

  • At the Table offers commissions to start a new play, to finish one already begun, and to revisit one that hasn’t yet been fully realized. We are committed to offering women, non-binary, and transgender writers, writers of color, and writers of work for young audiences a place at the table.
  • On The Workbench delves into projects that test the idea of what theatre can be.
  • In the House is home for our Playwright in Residence.
  • Fresh Eyes brings “civilians” into the rehearsal room and invites their observations and insights.
  • The Oregon Play Prize is a special commission for an Oregon playwright chosen by Oregonians.

About Table|Room|Stage

In August 2014, Artists Rep was the recipient of a $125,000 Oregon Community Foundation “Creative Heights Initiative” grant to establish a robust New Play Development program that will create opportunities for local and national playwrights, ensure that underrepresented voices are heard on stage and establish Artists Rep and Portland as an engine for new play development, nationally. Luan Schooler was chosen to lead the bold two-year pilot program.

Recent Blog Posts

Fresh Eyes on TEENAGE DICK, 6th Installment

TEENAGE DICK is in the last phase of rehearsal: preview week, when the final element of any production -- the audience -- arrives.

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Fresh Eyes on TEENAGE DICK, 5th Installation

Tech week is upon us! TEENAGE DICK has moved from the rehearsal hall to the stage, and all of the technical aspects -- lights, sounds, costumes and set -- are...

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Fresh Eyes on TEENAGE DICK, 4th Installation

It's the last week of working in the rehearsal room for TEENAGE DICK, and the focus is on refining and enriching the actors' work before they move into the theatre...

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Fresh Eyes on TEENAGE DICK, 3rd Installation

Rehearsals for TEENAGE DICK are focussed on scene work and fight choreography this week. The actors are building their characters layer by layer, always pursuing greater clarity, depth and complexity.

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Fresh Eyes on TEENAGE DICK, 2nd Installment

TEENAGE DICK is in its second week of rehearsal, and the work is now focussed on how the actors move during the play: staging, plus fight and dance choreography.

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Fresh Eyes on TEENAGE DICK, 1st Installment

Rehearsals began this Tuesday, December 11th, for TEENAGE DICK, Mike Lew's new play that is "vaguely after Richard III".

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