The Carlalogues  (digital)
Mercury I & II project

The Carlalogues (digital)

June 30 - June 30, 2022

When you purchase a ticket for The Carlalogues you will also receive access to Anthony Hudson’s audio version of a monologue in pieces, Nobody’s going to fund this, featured in the ART Quarterly Magazine.

written by Anthony Hudson

Whatever Carla wants, Carla gets. And, little man, Carla wants… an audience! Now! Sick of the pandemic and desperate to be back in the spotlight, she breaks into the Flamingo Club with the aid of her manservant Jeffrey. There, before a quite-literally captive audience (thank you, duct tape and blindfolds!) she puts on an evening of guerilla storytelling. As the evening – and her list of felonies and misdemeanors – unfolds, Carla regales her stunned fans (thank you, tasers!) with stories of support groups for wayward Karens, concert tours with the Manson Family, USO shows for drone pilots on Zoom, and her bitter rivalry with Cher.

Starring Portland’s premier drag clown Carla Rossi, The Carlalogues is a brand new audio play by Anthony Hudson. This project was launched during the June 2020 Mercury Company .

Coming to iPhones and 8 Track Tape Players near you!

Basic Access: (FREE) provides patrons access to the audio drama.
Basic Access

Premium Access: Sliding-Scale options (Purchase Tickets above) provide access to the audio recording and bonus material for a more immersive experience.

Sections of The Carlalogues were written in residence at the Ucross Foundation and supported, in part, by Ucross’ Native American Visual Artist Fellowship.


Anthony Hudson
Ken Yoshikawa


Luan Schooler
Rodolfo Ortega
Sound Engineer / Sound Design / Composer

Production Team

Macarena Subiabre
Line Producer
Em Gustason
Assistant Sound Designer