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 a home for new works

Table|Room|Stage (T|R|S) was established in 2015 as Artists Rep’s new play program. The T|R|S mission is to develop and produce new work that vividly expresses Artists Rep’s aesthetic values. Focused on work by BIPOC writers, women, LGBTQIA+ and gender nonconforming writers, and offer an environment where these playwrights can create provocative, intimate new theatre pieces that challenge, illuminate, and inspire. 

We are interested in work that:

  • Stands at an angle to the world and shows us something anew
  • Explores the edges, depths and heights of human experience
  • Uses language with originality and vibrancy
  • Embodies a muscular narrative structure and rigorous intelligence
  • Offers a distinctly theatrical experience and embraces ‘liveness’ as an essential quality
  • Risks failure rather than repeats formula
  • Has an opinion and seeks to change the conversation
  • Galvanizes collaboration with our audiences and stimulates conversation and engagement
  • Re-imagines how theatre is made and shared

At the Apex

World premieres and vital second productions by some of the nation’s most exciting emerging playwrights.

At the Table

Commissions to start a new play, to finish one already begun, and to revisit one that hasn’t yet been fully realized.

On the Workbench

On the Workbench delves into projects that test the idea of what theatre can be.

In the House

In the House is home for our Playwright in Residence.

Fresh Eyes Blog

Artists Rep’s Fresh Eyes program brings ‘civilians’ into the rehearsal process. On selected productions each season, we invite writers from diverse backgrounds to join us for a few rehearsals, and then share their observations of the process and the play in the Fresh Eyes blog. We hope the distinctive perspectives of our guests will illuminate the inner workings of a production, and enrich the experience for our audiences and community at large.

Fresh Eyes on Prudencia Hart, part 2

Fresh Eyes on Prudencia Hart, part 2

Sympathy for the Devil Days later I am still enjoying the warmth of the whiskey and wassail from seeing The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart. In my previous post, I observed the play is invested in the idea that how we talk to one another, the stories we use to make...

Fresh Eyes on Prudencia Hart, part 1

Fresh Eyes on Prudencia Hart, part 1

Of Freedom and Folk Discourses Listening at the table, The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart pops and fizzes with cultural specificity. The play opens with two dueling folk ballads—narrative poems meant to be read aloud to maximize their oral-formulaic techniques and...

Fresh Eyes on School Girls, part 2

Fresh Eyes on School Girls, part 2

“As you can see,” Lava Alapai, director of School Girls, told us in the first design meeting, “we will have a set, and there will be a roof.” She laughs to herself and shifts back and forth in front of a TV monitor showing a rendering of the set, making us laugh too....

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