We are Artists Rep.


Dámaso Rodríguez
Artistic Director

J.S. May
Managing Director
503.241.9807 x107


Shawn Lee 
Producing Director  
503.241.9807 x110

Kristeen Willis 
Associate Producer
503.241.9807 x120

Luan Schooler 
Director of New Play Development & Dramaturgy 
503.241.9807 x104

Pancho Savery
Dramaturgy Scholar

Vonessa Martin
Casting Director
503.241.9807 x106

Andrea Stolowitz
Lacroute Playwright-in-Residence

Jonathan Cole
Resident Fight Choreographer


Vonessa Martin
General Manager
503.241.9807 x106

Caleb Bourgeois
Company Manager and Assistant to the General Manager
503.241.9807 x118

Allison Delaney
Associate Managing Director
503.241.9807 x169

Marketing & Box Office

Kisha Jarrett
Audience Development & Marketing Director
503.241.9807 x112

Leslie Crandell Dawes
Audience Development & Marketing Associate
503.241.9807 x131

Kathleen Kelly
Media Specialist
503.241.9807 x133

Christina DeYoung 
Patron Services Manager

Jon Younkin 
Data Analyst & Ticketing Sales Manager 

Zak Westfall 
Box Office Associate

Education & Audience Services

Karen Rathje
Education & Audience Services Director
503.241.9807 x101

Education Associate
Sarah Lucht

Education Associate
John San Nicolas

Susannah Mars
Music Events Specialist
Resident Artist

House Managers: Deborah Gangwer, Valerie Liptak, Shelley Matthews, Tara McMahon, Andrea Vernae, Kayla Kelly

Concessions: Paul Jacobs, Geraldine Sandberg, Jennifer Zubernick, Kayla Kelly


Maya Bourgeois
Grants & Events Manager
503.241.9807 x129

Nel Taylor
Annual Fund Manager
503.241.9807 x168


Kristeen Willis 
Production Manager
503.241.9807 x120

Nathan Crone
Technical Director
503.241.9807 x125

Eddie Rivera
Scene Shop Foreman 
503.241.9807 x125

Charlie Capps
Master Carpenter

Sarah Kindler
Scenic Charge
503.241.9807 x125

Gavin Burgess
Master Electrician

Carol Ann Wohlmut
Resident Stage Manager
Resident Artist
503.241.9807 x105

Karen Hill
Properties Manager

Alana Wight
Costume Shop Manager/Wardrobe Head

David Petersen
Sound Technician

Sean Roberts
Facility & Operations Specialist

Board of Directors

Board Members

Jeffrey Condit, Chair
Pancho Savery, Vice-Chair
Cyrus Vafi, Treasurer
Patricia Garner, Secretary
Mike Barr, Past Chair
Julia Ball
Michael Davidson
Norma Dulin
Tom Gifford
Erik Opsahl
Andrea Schmidt
Marcia Darm, MD, Trustee Emeritus

Executive Committee

Jeffrey Condit
Pancho Savery
Patricia Garner
Cyrus Vafi
Mike Barr
Michael Davidson
Andrea Schmidt