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Meisner Technique with Resident Artist Chris Harder

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Class Description:

This is an ongoing adult class with focus on expanding the actor’s instrument by developing physical awareness and presence.  Actors will practice moment to moment authenticity under imaginary circumstances.  Continuing or experienced students may work with activities, exploring objectives and obstacles, emotional preparation and raising the stakes.
To learn more or to register contact Chris Harder - HERE.


"This has been one of my favorite classes in Portland. I felt safe to be myself, to make mistakes, and to take risks.  Chris has a kindheartedness and humility about him that naturally puts the class at ease.  I found that presence supportive, and watched other actors evolve within it. "  ~Casey Pfeifer
"It was my first time taking Meisner but I loved the class and I think it's going to help me so much in roles especially in film and TV." ~Tawny Early
" I have benefited tremendously. I've learned to be more fully present, confident, and emotionally available. I highly recommend this class to actors who wish to take their acting to another level, or to anyone wanting to become more self-aware and present in the moment." ~Janea Dahl
"I have found Chris Harder's Meisner class to be very helpful both for my work as an actor and on a personal level. He creates a safe and encouraging environment, coaxing out more in people than they thought possible." ~Greg Prosser
"Every class teaches me so much about myself, and gives me just what I need in that moment. This week it was a moment to let go, a reminder of how to connect with others, and an awareness that I need to care for myself. Such good food for this actor's soul." ~Lauren Mitchell
 "Another great class last night, I learned a lot and had an epiphany about myself.  Looking forward to the next session." ~Jin Ryu
"Chris! THANK YOU for your class. I can't say enough about the experience. On every level it was fantastic and far beyond my expectations." ~Jocelyn Seid
"Love the class and appreciate your teaching style." ~Damon Eckhoff
"I really enjoyed your class and your instructing style! You create a safe place to play and explore. Your feedback is helpful and encouraging, and your instructions and reflections are clear and easy to understand. I had fun and am excited for next week!" ~Cita Oudijk


Acting Classes with Resident Artist Michael Mendelson

Michael webpage


Both classes are ongoing and participation is subject to availability

Beginning/Intermediate SCENE STUDY

This is an ongoing class with a minimum 12 week initial commitment for new students. 


Tuesday Evenings 6:30-9:30pm or Saturday Mornings 10:30-1:30
Material may be contemporary or American classic 


Intermediate/Advanced SCENE STUDY

This is an ongoing class with a minimum 12 week initial commitment for new students. 


Monday Evenings 6:30-9:30pm 
Material may be contemporary or American classic 



Class fee: $250/month 
8 students

Private Coaching Sessions: $75/hour



Both classes are about process. We will not be working toward a performance but rather an in depth exploration of stage craft for the actor. 

They are a nuts-and-bolts look at scene study focusing on relationship, moment-to-moment specificity, spacial relationship, needs/wants, intentions, always working organically and authentically off your partner with special attention paid to the given imaginary circumstances. We will spend time working toward a visceral "impulse-response." 

The Beginning/Intermediate Class is one for the novice or beginning actor that brings with them a basic understanding of the craft. This class focuses on creating honest, authentic and visceral communication. We will explore  environment, sense memory, emotional availability,

The Intermediate/Advanced Class is one for the actor who possesses more than a basic understanding of the craft, an actor who is wanting to be challenged and pushed, an actor who has hit a wall in their process and wants to break through. 

To enroll in class or if you have any questions, please contact Michael at

To learn more about Michael click HERE.


"I began working with Michael one-on-one 7 months ago (after a rather long acting hiatus) and was struck immediately how in just one hour he was able to gracefully, but clearly pinpoint my weaknesses. There was no sugar-coating and I appreciated that! I knew that we could get down to business and work. And through these months training with him, I realize that I am a completely different actor than I was 10 years ago. Michael has been instrumental in my breaking old habits and developing a repertoire of new monologues. Through his coaching and scene study classes, I have gained confidence and awareness, technique and nuance, and have begun to book work again. I am beyond grateful to call him a mentor." 
- Briana Ratterman 

"I have been in class for approximately 2 months. I am so grateful to him for his incredible insight into every student, speaking to them in ways they can understand so that they can follow through. He's able to capture everything we need to know in order to be excellent in our craft. While studying with him I booked three acting jobs. Two for Stage and one for Television. I really give him credit for giving me the confidence during the auditioning process in order for me to get the call saying, "you booked it". Thank you Michael. Thank you."
- Sharonlee McLean

"In this scene study class, I was challenged in ways that I hadn’t realized I needed. With Michael's help I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and stretch myself as an actor.  He creates a safe space in which to delve into the emotional life of character work. Drawing from his own experience as an actor, Michael gives his students the tools and skills to hold their own in the professional world of theatre and film."
- Foss Curtis

"Studying with Michael helped me break through some self-imposed barriers that had been hindering me as an actor for quite a while. His class challenged, frustrated, and pushed me *this* much farther than I thought I could go- it renewed my self-confidence. Michael rarely tells you want you hear, but always tells you what you need to hear, to help you grow. He does this mindfully, respectfully, and often with a wicked sense of humor. Working with Michael, I started consistently getting callbacks, and I booked three acting jobs with companies I highly respect and am excited to work for. I can’t recommend his class highly enough."
- Crystal Ann Munoz