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Profile Theatre presents 26 Miles
Runs through June 25 on Morrison Stage

Risk/Reward Festival
June 23-25 - Alder Stage
The 2017 Risk/Reward Festival showcases five new works by indie performing artists from across the region. This is the festival's 10th year blurring the boundaries of theater, music, dance, and performance art in new and surprising ways.
All performances are Pay What You Will  BUY HERE

Pakistan's Theatre Wallay presents On Common Ground
June 26-28 - Alder Stage
Artists Repertory Theatre and Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF), in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad and Ithaca College, partner with Islamabad’s Theatre Wallay to present On Common Ground for Oregon audiences. On Common Ground is a funny, quirky, music- filled glimpse into the lives of artists living in Islamabad, Pakistan. Oregonians can expect lively stories of life in the Pakistani capital, as well as joyful Pakistani music and dance. Theatre Wallay’s original piece explores the lives of contemporary young people in Islamabad, and their relationship to public spaces – schools, squares, mosques, parks, wedding spaces and safe spaces – the way these places reflect the lives of modern Pakistanis and what it means to lose these spaces due to terrorism.
Shows June 26 & 28. Brown Bag musical exchange at noon on Jun 27.
FREE. Reserve your tickets HERE.

Verbal Vanguard Awards
June 30, 7-10pm
A Portland hip hop showcase and lyrical competition.

The Gun Show
July 1 at 7:30pm
From a farming community in rural Oregon to the big cities of Los Angeles and New York, playwright EM Lewis takes aim at her own relationship with firearms in The Gun Show. Resident Artist Vin Shambry will share Ms. Lewis’s unique perspective and true stories about America’s most dangerous pastime as if they were his own, with brutal honesty and poignant humor. Leaning neither right nor left, The Gun Show jumps into the middle of the gun control debate, and asks “Can we have a conversation about this?”

This is a special ONE-NIGHT ONLY remounting of the production, followed by post-show discussion about our upcoming tour, live music, food and drinks, raffle and auction, and opportunities to hang out with the cast and production team.