Resident Artists

Our Resident Artists

Resident Artists have an ongoing history of working on stage and behind-the-scenes of Artists Rep’s main stage productions. They collaborate with administrative staff on education, community engagement, new play development, and fundraising efforts. The Resident Artist title is offered by the Artistic Director in appreciation of each artist’s achievements with ART and in the spirit of continued collaboration. These multidisciplinary theatre makers are deeply committed to ART’s success, share organizational values, and participate in decision-making processes that impact the theatre’s mission and its future. Through the Resident Artists program, we ensure that a diverse community of Portland-based artists are at the center of the day-to-day life of the theatre and play a vital part in creating the culture at ART.

  1. Lava Alapai
  2. Linda Alper
  3. Adriana Baer
  4. Ayanna Berkshire
  5. Bobby Brewer-Wallin
    Amanda K Cole
  6. Jonathan Cole
  7. Sarah Gahagan
  8. Chris Harder
  9. Sara Hennessy
  10. Michelle Jazuk
  11. JoAnn Johnson
  12. Kevin Jones
  13. Val Landrum
  14. E.M. Lewis
  15. Sarah Lucht
  16. Susannah Mars
  17. Michael Mendelson
  18. Allen Nause
  19. Amy Newman
  20. Vana O'Brien
  21. Rodolfo Ortega
  22. Sharath Patel
  23. Gregory Pulver
  24. John San Nicolas
  25. Vin Shambry
  26. Josie Seid
  27. Andrea Stolowitz
  28. Andrea Vernae
  29. Joshua J. Weinstein
  30. Megan Wilkerson
  31. Carol Ann Wohlmut
  32. Barbie Wu

Linda Alper

Actor & Playwright

Ayanna Berkshire


Bobby Brewer-Wallin

Costume Designer

Jonathan Cole

Resident Fight Choreographer

Sarah Gahagan

Chris Harder


Sara Hennessy

JoAnn Johnson

Actor & Director

Kevin Jones

Actor & Director

Val Landrum


Sarah Lucht


Susannah Mars


Michael Mendelson

Actor & Director

Amy Newman


Vana O'Brien


Rodolfo Ortega

Composer & Sound Designer

Sharath Patel

Sound Designer

Gregory Pulver

Costume Designer

John San Nicolas


Vin Shambry


Andrea Stolowitz


Joshua J. Weinstein


Megan Wilkerson

Scenic Designer

Carol Ann Wohlmut

Resident Stage Manager